Walking Into 2015

So for 2015 I promised myself not to get on the traditional New Year Resolution bandwagon, but I do love to make list and set personal goals. As you will learn about me or may have already from some of my previous post, New Me Resolution or Goals Are Good, I am constantly looking at how I can become a better version of myself. True to the list lover I am, here are my latest goals.

1. No more apologies: I am tired of saying sorry to my blog for not being consistent. I am tired of feeling guilty for doing what makes me happy. Mostly I'm tired of watching year after year go by and I still haven't committed to living my life the way I want to.

2. Take Action: For every aspect of my life that I have been sitting still in, now is the time to get busy and just go for it. Start where I am with what I have and move in every area I have a passion for. No more lying to myself and thinking that I need something more than what God has already blessed me with to do those things I have a true desire and passion for.

3. Blocking out the negativity: I'm not talking about negative people you may have in your life but I'm mostly talking about the lies you tell yourself. Lies about why you can't, why you won't and why you don't. STOP! Period... Just stop! It's time to encourage yourself.

One additional thing that I decided to do after reading a blog post over at Delightfully Tacky, is to give this year a word. Just one word to represent my goals for 2015. My word is Faith. The perfect action word to motivate me.

My faith will be put into action by doing these things above. Believing in myself and the promises from God. Encouraging myself. Being active and releasing the stagnant procrastination badge I've been wearing far too long. Time to be a better Me.
How are you all planning for the New Year? Please share your Goals and Plans? If you have any special ways of tracking your progress let me know. I am still deciding on how to track my goals and I would love some suggestions.

Peace Peace!