Coping with Stress and Anxiety


As I wrote this post I was sitting on a let out chair-bed with two white blankets keeping me warm. The sound of machines beeping and humidifiers running is becoming white noise as the hours passed. I had been in the Doctors Office, ER and then admitted into the hospital for my littlest one. Miss Syd developed the flu about a week ago and has progressively gotten worse. With the exception of the fever going away after the start of Tamiflu. Who knew a 3 month old could even take that?

This past weekend she was diagnosed with double pneumonia and we had an unexpected stay in the hospital. { insert sad face }. By nature I tend to stress and worry and usually shed a few tears but I held it together the best I knew how.

So, to cope, I reverted to a favorite pastime of mine and that's taking pictures and writing.  At first it seemed a little insensitive on my part to be taking pictures while she is was not feeling well. Judge if you like but I did it anyway.

Taking pictures of her sleeping and getting small glimpses of her smiling reassured me that she was doing better. I even sent a few to my mom who lives too far away to be at the hospital. It made her feel like she was here and apart of our day and gave some relief to her that her grand-baby was OK.

I want to know what ways do you deal with stressful situations or times of anxiousness?

Until Next Time... please share your experiences...