Scouting Locations

I was out scouting locations the other week and I had my littlest one and my biggest one with me. My daughters always make easy subjects for me to photograph. Having children allows me to get plenty of free practice in to better my photography.

That's me in the pictures with her. My oldest daughter took these pictures (above).

I also played around with the settings on my camera a little and took some B&W pics. I really like the way they came out. These are all RAW images no edits. I probably would take a little of the brightness out when editing but other than that I was really satisfied with the outcome.

As for the park I liked all the open green space. However on a hot summer afternoon, I could really use some shade. I was really surprised at the lack of color in the park. Not a lot of flowers just mostly all green. On my way out, driving in my car, I noticed another area with more of a water feature that would make for a nice place to take some portraits.

Overall it is a nice alternative to my main location at Furman University. Furman is one of the best locations and most beautiful landscaping. However, this post is not about Furman. You can see some pictures taken there on my Portfolio page under the Graduate pictures.

Even though it was SUPER hot here, it turned out to be a great location and trip worth taking on a late Sunday afternoon.


Photocredit: NevonneJB and JNevonne Photography

Location: Legacy Park in Greenville, SC

Original Date(S): 5/31/15

Camera: Canon Rebel T3