Consistent in 2016

It is that time of year again. End of year goal setting, resolution making & promising yourself that you will be better than the person you are right now. You will live out your dreams to their full extent. You will treat your body better by eating right and working out. You will cross off everything on your list of goals & dreams to do.

Last  year this time I wrote about my personal goals for 2015. My theme for 2015 was Faith and my goals were to: Stop Apologizing, Take Action & Block out the Negativity. I definitely took action and stopped seeking approval from other people this year. I also stopped telling myself negative things and lies that caused me to not live in my purpose.

This coming year I feel like I will use this same formula for planning my goals for the upcoming year. With one addition. First, lets talk themes for 2016.My theme word for 2016 is CONSISTENCY. I promise myself that I will not give up on my dreams, my goals or my purpose.

Areas of Focus:

  1. SPIRITUALITY: study daily, build online bible study, get involved in the local church
  2. FAMILY: date nights with hubby, financial stability, family vacations
  3. PHOTOGRAPHY: build brand, no more freebies, establish clientele

Obviously there or other things I plan to do in 2016 for myself but these are my focus areas and I am looking forward to what the new year will bring.

I mentioned that there was one new thing I am adding that I didn’t do last year. Thanks to my friend Cicely over at The Bougie Black Blogger I am reflecting on the question of “What will I leave behind in 2015?” I really had to think about this question, but it is so necessary for me to answer.

As I move into 2016 I will leave doubt, inconsistency, living paycheck to paycheck and devaluing my business by not pricing based on what I deserve to be paid.

So tell me do you have a theme for 2016 (one word), what are your main areas of focus and what will you be letting go of and leaving in 2015?