Simple Living & Minimalism

Living a Minimal / Simple Lifestyle to me is about more than just getting rid of things. It’s about changing your mindset so you don’t return to your old ways. Also and most importantly to me it’s about giving myself more time to spend in God’s Word, to build my relationships with my husband and children. Time for myself and for enjoying life not valuing THINGS. I failed at my first attempt over a year ago but that was because mentally I wasn’t ready and I didn’t have a plan. There is so much information out there on YouTube, in books and on blogs. I would say do your research and then make a plan.

My plan has 5 major rules:

1. Make a list of every room, closet, junk drawer, movie/book collection, etc… in your home office or car that you want to clear out.

2. Pick ONE thing from this list and just start.

3. Start small and save the sentimental stuff for last.

4. Don’t let the “Donate / Trash Piles build up. Stop decluttering and get it out the house before you move on to another task.

5. Count it all a win! If all you do one night is clear your vanity (like I did here) pat yourself on the back and be proud of your accomplishment.

Remember this is NOT a race. It’s a process and you never want to overwhelm yourself by trying to do it all in one weekend. I tried and failed a year ago.

I hope you come back and join me as I share more tips on my journey to becoming a minimalist on my terms.