Mother Daughter Retreat

  Sometimes we don't spend enough time reflecting on the positive things in our life. I am trying to keep track daily of the little things that I am grateful for. One of my favorite memories of 2015 would have to be our Families 1st Mother Daughter Retreat.

I come from a LARGE family. My grandparents on my mom side had 12 Children - 10 Girls and 2 Boys (1 boy passed at birth). From those 11 surviving children our family has 44 grandchildren. The numbers for the great, great-great & even great-great-great grands has tripled in size. Of these 44 grands only 18 of us are girls!

Our mothers/aunts planned a special get away for us. Fourteen of us girls were able to join eight of our aunts and moms on a Beautiful Mother daughter retreat.

We laughed, shed a few tears, ate WAY too much food and just enjoyed each other. Not every family can say they have this kind of bond. No matter where life takes us, no matter how long its been since we've talked. We are able to come together in love.

I am not sure if my mom, uncle and aunts are aware of how grateful we are to have them. I just want to tell them Thank You! For all their years of hard work and dedication to keeping our family together. Our grandparents would be proud. We Love You!

Aside from them cooking for us my favorite gift was my quilt.  Our talented aunts/moms made quilts for each granddaughter even those that couldn't make it.

Only the photos can give you a real feeling for the weekend that my words cannot. I am blessed to have capture these moments for us to hold on to and share with our children & grandchildren.

I love my family and I am so grateful that God birthed me into this one.

IMG_6518 (2)
IMG_6518 (2)

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