Reflecting on 2015 (Becoming JEAN)

This weeks blog focus is all about reflecting on 2015. Using those insights as a guide to help make 2016 a success. My first post this week was about family and reflecting on a how grateful I am for them. Today, is all about the things I did, experienced & changed to BECOME ME!

The first thing I did was toremove negativity out of my life. I "unfollowed" people on Facebook & Instagram. I took the motto that, "I am in control of my happiness."

Second, I surrounded myself with positive and like minded people. A lot of them were fromFacebook Groups. The most helpful  community for me and my absolute favorite Group is the BeFree Project. "An online group of amazing positive-like minded women all on a journey to being free". Not my words but definitely a perfect reflection of what I experienced. The group leader and creator Siobhan Sudberry is amazing at what she does.

From that group I was able to reflect on what MY goals and what I wanted for my life. This led to the third thing. A serious awakening and change.  I shared some honest and personal things about myself here. It turns out I was my own worst enemy. Please, be mindful of the lies you are telling yourself and STOP IT ASAP!

After that (fourth) it was all about planning and staying diligent. If you want something bad enough you will not stop until you succeed. When you reach that goal set a new bar for yourself and keep moving.

Fifth, I met some awesome people. They became accountability partners. Weset goals together, check in and pray for one another.

By no means have I figured it all out. I still have a lot more work to do. It would be easy to ramble off all the negative that happened in 2015. Yet, I am grateful to be able to see and appreciate the positive.

Its your turn! What things have you learned about yourself in 2015? What are some of the steps you have taken to make change happen in for you? Looking forward to hearing from you. I am always open to good tips for personal growth. 

Until next time, Peace Peace!