Focus Areas for Change

I've mentioned it before, 2015's theme was FAITH. Boy oh boy, did I need a lot of it to make it through. I needed to have faith in so many different areas of my life.

  • CAREER / PASSION: I needed faith in myself and my talents as a photographer. I had to believe in myself and gain confidence.
  • SPIRITUAL: I had to have faith in what I know for sure. I know that God has a purpose and plan for my life. I know that He only wants the best for me. I know that He is always with me.
  • FAMILY / LIFE: I held complete faith in the love my husband has for me. Faith that our marriage grows stronger, daily. Faith that as parents we are doing the best we can at this moment for our children. Faith that 2016 will be better!
  • FINANCES: GHEESH! This had to be the toughest for us. We were recovering from a year (2014) of my husband being laid off and me having a new baby in the mix. We sent two daughters off to college this year. It was extremely difficult! I had faith in a simple prayer: "Give us THIS day our daily bread". That is pretty much all I could pray each day. Each day that prayer was answered.

I worked hard in 2015 to become a better version of myself. To become JEAN!  My vision and plan for these areas look a little different for my Year of Consistency.

  • CAREER: I love photography. I will be stepping up my game in 2016. I have tons of plans and a lot of work to do.
  • SPIRITUAL: God placed me here to serve others. His vision and purpose for me is to create a space for young girls & women to come together. A space to study God's Word, fellowship and pray together. I am working on this with my own Facebook Group! It's still in the beginning stages. I am believing God to make it great!
  • FAMILY / LIFE: I am learning to live a simple life. My path to creating a less cluttered home & lifestyle will allow me to spend quality time with my husband and kids. I am looking forward to building memories. Focusing less on things.
  • FINANCES: 2016 is my year to become financially free. No longer living check to check. Saving more and spending less. Just being smarter with my money all around. I know it doesn't happen over night but I am ready to do the work.

Also, these areas will be the focus for this blog. Expect more on each topic! I am beyond excited right now.

Its your turn to share! Have you defined your primary areas of focus? How will these areas look different at the end of 2016 vs 2015? Please share, I love to read how others are planning for success. It keeps me inspired!