10 Tips on Living your Dream & Keeping a Day Job

Picture it. The year 2010. The place Philly. I was trying to live out my "fashion designer" dream and keep my 9-5 at the same time.  OK lets kill the dramatics, but in all seriousness I kind of was.  I was making a great salary working for one of the top Wireless Communication companies. I was crocheting part-time and selling hats and scarfs on my Etsy store. While designing my own handbags at the same time. Then I read a book called The Artist in the Office by Summer Pierre. In the book there was one specific passage that stuck with me. It talked living your life as the artist and not your job title. If you were at an event and someone asked me so what do you do for a living? My immediate response would be, " I am blah blah and I work for blah blah company. I've been there for blah blah years. Etc etc... In the book Summer challenges you to change your response. Instead you should tell them you are a fashion designer, painter, writer, photographer, chef or whatever your passion is. If the job you go to 5 days a week isn't your dream then don't claim it. Claim your dreams.

While I am still passionate about those things I mentioned above. I mostly only do them as a hobby now. However I didn't mention that I was the resident paparazzi and I prided myself on capturing every event with friends and family. Once I realized my passion I can say that  I am a photographer. Once I made the decision that photography wasn't a hobby for me but something I am passionate about, things started to change. The biggest change was in my mindset.

Although I am a photographer I still get up very grateful every weekday morning for a job working for someone else. I enjoy my co-workers. I don't hate my job. I accept the purpose it is serving in my life currently. I don't feel like I need to quit in order to live out my dreams. At least not right now.

Everyone always talks about taking the leap. Stepping out on faith. That is definitely the path some need to take. Usually it is because you have stayed longer than God planned for you. So now you are becoming restless and unsettled. If you are saying to yourself,"Jean that isn't my story. I am happy with my job but I still want to live out my dream." Then this is for you.

Look I have been there & done it. Remember I thought I was going to be a fashion designer and make my own handbags. So I quite my job in Philly took all the money out my 401K moved to SC, with no real plan. Yep well here I am working for someone else. This time though I am not running from anything. This time I am moving into something new.

I do not regret my journey at all. I am married now and I have 2 new baby girls and 3 new step children and my oldest is in college. It was here in SC that I realized my dream. The process to living out your dream is different for everyone. Still there are things you can do that will propel you forward.

If you are someone who isn't ready to give up that 9-5 then don't feel bad about it. At some point you will know when its time to leave your job behind and live 100% in your passion. Here are a few tips that are helping me make forward progress.


10 Tips on Living your Dream & Keeping a Day Job

  1. When asked tell people who you really are. "I am a _______________ (insert your passion/dream).
  2. Do something EVERYDAY that is related to your passion.
  3. Your lunch break is your time, so why not spend it working on , planning or reading up on your passion/dream.
  4. If you are serious about your business get you some business cards made and carry them with you everywhere. Bonus: Give them out!
  5. Setup that website you have been putting off so people can see your work and contact you.
  6. Brag on yourself a little. People don't know you exist in your industry if you never tell anyone.
  7. As I talked about in my last post: Find your community. Get involved. Get inspired!
  8. Wake up everyday grateful for your "job" because it allows you to fund your dreams.
  9. Talk about it, share it. Everyone is on Instagram & Facebook these days. Don't just take in what others are putting out there for you to enjoy. Create something for others to enjoy as well.
  10. Stop questioning yourself and believe in your vision.

BONUS: Once you have gotten to the place where you know that you are ready, go for it and JUMP! If I can't inspire you then please watch this video and let IT inspire you. After you watch it (because I already know you are going to love it) SAVE IT and LISTEN to it EVERY DAY until you get it & believe it.

Its your turn. Tell me what things are holding you back? If you are living in your dream / passion how did you make the transition? Do you have tips you want to share? Lets chat!

Until Next Time, Peace Peace !

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