No More Challenges: 5 Things to Consider Before you Register

As a kid I constantly got in trouble for not going to bed when I was supposed to. If I did go to my room I would stay up. I would leave my door open, especially if others were still up talking. Some would say I was being nosey but really it was something different. I like to be in the know. I liked to know what was going on. I didn’t want to miss out on anything. It was bad and I got fussed at a lot for not leaving when I was supposed to. I can say honestly that the “need to know” and “not miss anything” trait is still well and alive in me. It has just manifested itself in different ways.   The need to know can be a good thing but also a problem area. I sort of prided myself on being able to multi-task. More and more you read how multitasking actually makes you less productive. You get half of what you need to completed and in some cases you start a lot of stuff but complete nothing. My experience has been both positive and negative.

Lately the wrong side of multitasking has shown up and left me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with myself. My focus got side tracked and it took me a few days to really figure out why. I realized that I have signed up for more than my fair share of 30 day challenges.

Don’t misunderstand me. These daily challenges are a great tool to help you achieve certain goals that they target. However, if you have 10 different task to complete each day on top of your regular goals & action items something may get missed. Eventually you are going to slack off somewhere. Causing you to either fail to complete something or become so overwhelmed you just give up on everything.

Before you sign up for another 10, 20 or 30 Day Challenge check out these 5 quick tips. These are designed to help you evaluate why you are doing them and if you need to even sign up.

5 Things to Consider Before you Register

  1. Evaluate your Goals - Although a "30 Day Index Card Painting Challenge" can seem fun and creative. Ask yourself, “Does this help me achieve my personal goals?
    • If the answer is “yes” proceed to number 2.
    • If the answer is "yes but" you either are already doing one or you just don't have the time to commit to them. Then I suggest you skip down to 3 & 4.
    • If the answer is “no” then skip straight to number 5.
  2. Limit Yourself - Do it BUT Don't sign up for more than one challenge a month.
  3. Do it Later - Ask the organizer if they will be holding another one next month and sign up when you have more time. Remember you don't want to waste their time either. If you are going to do it you need to be all in.
  4. Set your Own Pace - If the challenge is a self-guided one where the organizer post a full list on Facebook or their blog. Then bookmark it, favorite it and do it at your own pace on a later date when you have the extra time. 
  5. Just say No - Lastly, If you don't have the time then just don't do it. If it's not in alignment with your personal goals then don’t do it. Think about how many times you've tried a 30 day challenge. How many have you completed? If you didn’t complete them at what point did you give up? If you see a pattern step back and re-evaluate your motives.

I am not against doing different challenges. They can be helpful, fun, creative and inspirational. I just want everyone to evaluate how it will benefit them and help them reach their goals. Do not overwhelm yourself if you don't have to.

I am however also against starting something and not finishing it. Keep this in mind, you will not feel good if you fail to complete it. It can leave you open to casting judgement on yourself. Or feeling like a failure. I want you to meet and exceed your goals just as much as I want that for myself. Stay focused and avoid distractions if it’s within your control.

I am signed up for 6 different challenges / reading plans. This is what led to today's post. It's impossible for me to keep up with all of these. I began to feel everything I described. Overwhelmed, like a failure, etc... Ultimately while they all sound good and could benefit me in the long run. I have to let a few go. I don't want to be a lurker in a group and watching others progress while I stand still. I also don't want to sacrifice my goals for something that possibly will be their later. I am not going to give you advice that I am not willing to take myself.

Let's chat! Are there other areas in your life where you can say you are responsible for your own distractions? How have you managed to not allow new, shiny, seemingly fun & inspiring things take you off course? If so what are they. Maybe your experience can help someone else reading this. 

Until Next Time, Peace Peace !

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