How I Shifted My MindSet

There are five very important actions that I took to shift my mindset this year. Mindset Shift isn't just something that we say. It is something that we do. It requires action on our part. I shared these steps on my YouTube Channel as well. For some people though you need to see a clear list. So here it is.

1. Use Your Unfollow Button on Facebook.

When it comes to the time spent scrolling through our Facebook feeds, we can all say we spend far too much time. I was so tired of waking up in the morning and seeing tons of negativity and complaining. If you see and read it enough eventually it can suck you in and completely change your attitude. Even if you started off in a good mood. It has a way of transferring that negative energy to you. So be kind to your mind and unfollow them. Those people you don't want to Unfriend but you just don't need to see what they have to say ALL the time.

2. Own your Negative thoughts and Beliefs. 

In another post called "Change is Hard" I spoke about this. At some point you have to stop blaming others for the negative things you tell yourself. You have to take Ownership and you have to believe the good about you. Here is a little homework. Take a moment and write down all of the negative things you tell yourself. Then write down who in your life has told you these things. When I did this I found that one of the things I was telling myself constantly was that I was too old to start over and live out my passion. After reflecting on it for a while I realized that no one had said that to me directly. I was using that as an excuse to NOT live in my purpose and calling. Bonus Homework: write down the good things that people say to you that you don't always believe. Then start a list of affirmations from those positive words and read them daily. Its going to take time for them to stick but keep at it until they do.

3. Use the Follow Button in Facebook and other places on Social Media. 

I know in number one I just said to unfollow, but for this one you need to replace the negative with the positive. I started following positive people. People who encouraged others to be great. To shift their mindset and to believe in themselves. Here are a few of my favorites.

There are definitely others that I love but if I list them all it will get too long. These 5 ladies are a great start so please check them out when you have time.

4. Find Your Tribe / Community

So this ties into number three but it definitely doesn't stop with online connections only. You may hear the words "find your tribe" all the time but its the truth and definitely necessary. You have to surround yourself with people that value the same things you do. That genuinely want to see you grow and succeed. They should be a combination of people on the same path as you or similar paths. As well as people who are where you want to be. Change up your environment. Open your mind to new things and watch and see the change in yourself. Don't just limit it to online communities build some real face to face communities too.

5. Self-Care

Probably the most important of them all to me is taking time to take care of YOU. If you are constantly giving giving giving you will eventually burn out. You will resent the process and journey of growth and reaching your goals. Some of the ways I practice self-care are straight from Hal Elrod's Book The Miracle Morning. Others are things people I trust have suggested or I have been interested in for a while.

  • Meditation / Prayer
  • Yoga / Exercise
  • Journaling / Gratitude
  • Affirmations / Visualization
  • Reading/ Learning

I have not by any means perfected all 5 of these. However I try daily to turn to this list whenever I am feeling those less than positive thoughts creeping in. So please be patient with yourself and let these happen overtime and become a habit.

Please share with me any of your favorite people that inspire and motivate you to be great. Also if there are any other actions that you take or have taken please share I am always looking for ways to improve and grow. 

Until next time peace peace! Let's keep the conversation going.

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