The Awakening

sabbath study (2)

It feels so good to be writing from my heart again. To be in a space where I can share the realities of my world and my life. I used to write on this blog regularly when I was in the "church". I say that in quotes because the church or rather the Christian church is not the core foundation of my beliefs. YAH's word and my writings about it in the past were still true but I was at the time writing from the perspective of the Gentile. Coming into the truth of who I am and who we are as a people (the so called blacks). Knowing I am Hebrew has given me a new perspective on what His Word truly means.

There is a lot of misunderstanding and negativity attached to calling yourself a Hebrew or an Israelite. Unfortunately this has a lot to do with the media and how they choose to use one group / camp to lump all of us into a negative light. This narrative is just not true, but we know those who control what we see controls the narrative. It is our responsibility to show and share the truth. To teach other's who have no identity beyond slavery that their nationality is actually Hebrew. Our family history is documented in the Bible and our heritage and culture that was stolen from us was in the Word this entire time.

Over the next few weeks I will be answering questions and going into more detail on my journey and awakening. Really quickly I will give you the short answer to some questions I get often.

Is this a new religion? No this is not a new religion.

What Bible do you read? The Holy Bible OT & NT KJV.

What about Holiday's? I am moving in a direction to eliminate holiday celebrations from my home and the not perpetuate that lie to my children. This includes Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Years, etc... I am educating myself on the Holy Days & Feast and those will be the biblical events that we will celebrate.

You don't eat pork, are you muslim? No I am Hebrew. There are clear instructions in the Word and the Most High laid it on MY heart to let go of pork, shrimp and any bottom feeding seafood. No, giving up these things alone will not lead to salvation. However, you have to make certain sacrifices and you need to pray to YAH and ask him what things you should sacrifice.

What about church? Where do you go? Unfortunately, we are still a scattered people and coming into the truth all over the world. You cannot find a lot of places to recognize the Sabbath in my area. I study on my own, with my brother & mom. I also watch several other Teachers of the truth on Youtube. If you want to be close to Yah you will seek His word and strive for that understanding to the best of your ability.

Tell me about the Sabbath. The Sabbath starts at sundown Friday night and goes through sundown Saturday night. Our communities today are not setup to allow for you to truly live out the Sabbath exactly as outlined in the Word. My goal with Remembering the Sabbath is to spend as much time as possible in the word. Studying and praying. Limiting activities that are self serving and spending more time with my family. I try to have my house cleaned before Friday and do very minimal deep cleaning on Saturdays if any at all.

There are so many more questions but I will save those answers for future post. If you have serious, genuine questions please feel free to ask and I with the help of Yah will do my best to answer those questions for you. I am still very new to my understanding of the truth. The way I combat confusion is to stay in my Bible regularly.

Until Next Time, Shalom!