Reflecting on 2017

So, we are knocking these months out left and right. January is OVER and February's end has come and gone. March pretty much speed by. We leaped past April and here we land in May. Can you believe we are almost in the sixth month of the year? Originally I wanted to bring this reflection at the end of the first quarter but here we are. This is me acting in one of my lessons moving forward even when you fall off the wagon. So lets just dive in.

One | I learned  that its ok to take a break. Its ok to fall off the wagon. However, when you get back on the wagon you have to remember to push it. You can't just sit in it sulking about how you fell the last time and hoping it will move on its own. You have to dust yourself off, pick up where you left off and press on. Just don't forget to START AGAIN, PUSH!

Two | I have too many planners. Yes there I said it. I love them all don't get me wrong and I even talked about them a little in a previous post here. While I love them so much I had to check myself. They were more of a distraction than a help. The pretty planning and all that jazz was great. The way my left is setup today, I need something a little simpler. What I learned about myself is that I am easily distracted. What works for me best is a life planner like Passion Planner and the simplicity of a bullet journal to track goals, list and brain dumps. I will do an updated post on my new system. But to be completely transparent, I was my own distraction and stumbling block. 

Three | Passion Projects are the bomb and everyone needs one. Something that keeps you creating for the pure joy of creating. When I used to have my crochet business I loved it until people started wanting custom "everything" and it wasn't always something I wanted to create. I have learned that I love having a lot of creative control. In my photography business I have to find a balance because each client is unique and you will need to adapt. I have been doing the EyeCandy Project52 Challenge and loving it. Its not too overwhelming like other daily challenges. Even though there are weekly prompts it still allows me to be creative.

Some of these may seem like common sense and things I should have already known about myself. True enough. Subconsciously I probably already knew some of these before. Knowing alone isn't enough to make a change. If you want to change you have to move past knowing to action.

Have you taken the time to reflect on the previous month(s)? If not I advise you to really try it out. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself. 

I am putting it out in the universe. This series will continue until the end of 2017. Using my passion planner to reflect on my month and then sharing, what I consider to be, some simple words of wisdom and a great way to hold myself accountable to continue to do the work. 

Until Next Time, Peace Peace!