Thank you August!

September 1st a new month a new chance for some self reflection. I was pretty productive in August but the biggest thing for me was letting go of the funk I was in from July and being patient with myself. I wanted to come on today just to recap a little about my month.


During a photo-session in August I discovered some great food. There is this little Taco spot (who doesn't love tacos) I found in my area and then low and behold the local Brewery near my house sells their tacos too. Winning! Although the one close to me doesn't have the shrimp or fish I am still excited about the options they do have, including the Veggie tacos.



This one actually begun on July 20th but August was my first full month. I Loc'd my hair in July and have been loving the journey ever since. The reasons vary but it for me marks the transitions I have been going through spiritually and physically. I have to do a WHOLE post about this journey. The questions people ask me are simply amazing.


Having these two girls has really changed my perspective on being a mom. It has me desiring things like being a WAHM and Home Schooling. Things I never even considered with my oldest. Its funny how you can be a mom for over 19 years but the mom you are with each child is just a little different. All my babies make me want to step up my mommy life and get it all the way together.



This is definitely something I will be taking a deeper dive into over the months to come. Knowing that your bible is your heritage and not your religion is kind of freeing. At the same time it leaves you with tons of thoughts. Becoming more spiritual and less religious has been a huge game changer for how I view my life, my values and my purpose.


Overall I am excited about the shift in my energy from how I was feeling towards the end of July. I really looking forward to growth and totally new experiences.