Pivot Into the Life You Want, Need & Deserve

There are many reasons why we can’t pivot or why we don’t even know its time for a change. Some of those answer are found through personal reflection, asking ourselves the hard questions or simply by getting intentional with who we want to become. Since we don't know the answers to these questions or because we get so comfortable with our routine, we find our self stuck! You may be at a moment in your life where a pivot is a necessity. It has to power to take us to the next level of growth in our life or even in relationships. Unless you take control of your life you will never live the life you desire or deserve to have. 

I will discuss a time when I refused to take action and the feeling I had once I did. I am going to share 3 reasons we find ourselves unable to change or even recognize a change is needed. Along with 5 actions you can take as you get clear about what needs to happen next. 

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The Process of Choosing and Using a Word for the Year!

If you aren't sure why people like myself choose a word of the year let me explain. Well, at least why "I" chose to pick a new word each year. For me, it has more to do with focus & mindfulness than anything else. I am a person that usually has a thousand ideas and then on a regular basis new ideas come to me. As someone that stays curious and thrives on exploring and discovering new things, it's really easy for me to lose focus on what my overall goal was and the reason WHY I even picked that goal, to begin with. Having a word or phrase that I can always come back to helps me to make better decisions on when I should start a new project versus tabling it for a future date. My desire this year is to ask myself if opportunities and projects are in alignment with my word(s) and decide yay or nay from there.

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Hard Lessons and Necessary Change, a Look Back at 2017

If I could describe 2017 in one sentence it would be this… Two thousand and seventeen was a year of discovering myself, intentionally and unintentionally. 

I had some first, some last and even some milestone moments. I cried a little and I laughed a lot. I doubted myself and believed in myself. I quit in my mind and started again. I took breaks from work and I fell in love with my husband all over again. 

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Finding Your Center Through The Cycles of Life

Time doesn't heal all wounds, patience isn't the act of doing nothing, busy isn't productive and life is not meant to be perfect. It's meant to be lived, over and over again. For me life is cyclical. It is the ebbs and flows of joy and sadness, inspiration and procrastination, fulfillment and searching for purpose. While you are on these different cycles of life use these tool to manage your way through them. Take note of what you learn and apply it and marvel at your growth as the next flow comes around. 

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The Awakening

It feels so good to be writing from my heart again. To be in a space where I can share the realities of my world and my life. I used to write on this blog regularly when I was in the "church". I say that in quotes because the church or rather the Christian church is not the core foundation of my beliefs. YAH's word and my writings about it in the past were still true but I was at the time writing from the perspective of the Gentile. Coming into the truth of who I am and who we are as a people (the so called blacks). Knowing I am Hebrew has given me a new perspective into what His Word truly means.

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