Meet the Ladies of - All Things Natural Hair

Erica, Tomika & Sierra are the beauties & the brains behind All Things Natural Hair. The three of them saw a need for more local events in the Upstate area of South Carolina for Natural Hair Women & Men. Instead of talking about it and wishing for one to come to the area they decided to create the very thing that was missing. Within 4 months the event was live and it sold out in under two weeks. When its meant to be its meant to be. 

Meet the Creators of All Things Natural Hair:


Erica Mansel of @memoirsoferica

 a Lifestyle Blogger who loves fashion, travel & natural hair. 



Tomika Jana' of @muvaa_mik

is a Natural Hair blogger & mommy. Follow her journey on her Instagram page. 



SIerra Collins of @cecenaturally

is a Natural hair vlogger on youtube and a photographer!


It was such an honor to work with them through out this entire process. I was able to capture their promo images for the event as well as the event photographer for their big night. Can you say ideal client and photography job! 


"Natural Hair is...FREEDOM!"

October 7th, 2017 was the official night of the meet-up. The event was an intimate setup at a local Coffee Shop called Exchange, Co. From the beautiful natural wood to the coffee bean table tops the decor was perfect. The oversized couches made everyone feel right at home.


The night started with some spoken word poetry by two local Greenville, SC Poets, @sensitivetopic_poetry the only male in the house showing love and appreciation for All the Natural Beauties in the room. The oh so mesmerizing and radiant @kimbithegoddess. After poetry and in between the Q&A there were some amazing giveaways. All of the ladies were anxiously waiting to have their name called. 


The most powerful part of the night was the conversation. The panel consisted of the creators of ATNH and two more lovely naturals & entrepreneurs in the natural hair community. Natalie of Sisterly Luv Natural has her own product line and is also a hair stylist. She has a local shop here in the Upstate. Check her out @sisterlyluvnatural. Talisa came up from Myrtle Beach to share her knowledge from the research she did while creating her own hair care line @gjellyboo.


All of the ladies shared their thoughts, journeys and experiences good and bad since "RETURNING" to their natural roots. They touched on subjects like is being natural a movement, healthy hair maintenance, rocking your natural hair in the work place, men and hair, transitioning vs. the big chop and so many more.

One thing I think everyone was in agreement with was that regardless of why you took on this journey its something personal to every woman. You have to do what works for you at your comfortability level. How beautiful it was to see so many different textures and styles. 


The Lucky Giveaway Winners!

What is an event without SWAG!!!! All I can say is that the Swag was on point! The sponsors were super generous!



Please please please follow these ladies so you don't miss the next event. Here is a video recap produced by one of the creators, Sierra. 

As for me, I have big chopped more than once, I have been natural since 2010 and I am currently one year loc'd. I love every stage of my journey! Thats me the short one, with my good friend Shanetra D.


I would love to know about your natural hair journey as well. Please feel free to share in the comments. Don't forget to connect with me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.