My Photography Journey From Hobby to Business

I have loved photography since I was a kid. Seeing all of the photo albums that my grandmother kept and the tons of pictures she had on her mantel. I was surrounded by it at an early age. In High School I was the girl that always had a disposable camera in hand. I loved taking pictures of and with my friends. I always wanted my very own polaroid but I never got one. Lucky for me they are making a come back. Putting the Instax on my wish list.

Photography in my 20's came about for me as a way to capture moments with family and friends. No matter the occasion I always had a camera in hand, ready for the candid shots that told our story. I was even given then name “Paparazzi” among my friends, turns out that was a wonderful thing. I went from a Kodak Easy Share, point and shoot camera (gifted to me by friends), to my first DSLR. I purchased my Canon Rebel T3 Kit from Target in 2010. I had no clue what it could other than take even better picture than my point and shoot.

For several years after that I used it for family events and personal pictures of my kids.I had no clue what manual mode could do, what terms like aperture, iso or exposure really meant. It wouldn't be until much later that I started paying attention to these things.


Fast forward to 2015. My oldest daughter had made it to her senior year of high school. Just like every other senior during the summer she took her senior portraits as assigned by the school. When we got the pictures back and she took one look and told me to trash the form. She hated them. She made me promise not to order any of them. She didn't even want to select one for the yearbook. With the school rules that you have to use one for the yearbook or have no picture at all we picked the best of the worst and moved on.

This was her senior year and I was so proud of her accomplishments and wanted to share images of her with family and friends. Being the mom I am I tried to find a solution because she refused to retake them. So when she asked me if I could retake them for her I said yes without hesitation.

We headed to our favorite location Furman University to take her pictures. They have one of THE most beautiful campuses in the Upstate. We had so much fun and captured some great shots. She left the shoot with more confidence and super excited about sharing her images with everyone. I couldn't have been happier. It was so much fun. Bringing those Pinterest ideas to life.  

That was my "AHA" moment. My passion realized and my niche defined. This is still one of my favorite shoots. Not because of the quality of the images but because of that smile on her face. 

At the end of her first year in college she came home to help me with my branding session. We put together a styled Senior session and captured these images below. I am continually growing and trying to improve my craft. I love photography and I love taking pictures of graduates. They are always so excited about the next phase of life and they make the entire process so much fun.


If you are a rising senior in high school or college be sure to check out my services. I would love to work with you and capture the start of your new journey. Click here for more information.

Until Next time, peace peace!