My Planner Setup 2017

This year I am making a bigger effort to plan my time wisely and to use my planning system to its fullest. Currently I have three favorite planning tools. Four if you count my phone. 

These 3 top my list as favorites for 2017; Passion Planner, Happy Planner & Bullet Journal. If you don't know about these 3 systems click on the names and learn more about them on their YouTube channels. Its the best place to start.

For most people a three planner system can seem overwhelming. To be honest it's a lot for me too, because I am not your typical "routine" type of person. So I like to have flexibility when using planners. I like the idea that I can use one for a few months then switch to a different one or combine two systems. Currently I am using a combo of the Bullet Journal and Happy Planner. Since I am familiar with the Passion Planner system and I use the undated version, I figured it wouldn't hurt to sit it aside for a while and try something new. This will help me figure out which works best or figure a way to combine all three.

I need to mention that I also use a $1 two year pocket calendar that is only the monthly spreads. This allows me to future plan and I always have a reference with me on the go. It fits perfectly in my wallet. 

One of the big changes that I have made this year was that I went through the entire year and marked off all the weekends and days that are off limits to booking anything additional on. They are days that I am planning to celebrate with my family (birthdays, anniversaries, etc..) or events I already have scheduled (doctor appointments, photography jobs, meetups, etc...). The purpose of doing this is so that when I am booking jobs in my photography business or making plans in my personal life I know exactly what days I am available. In the past I have compromised time with my family by over booking my weekends and not leaving in time for what matters most. My family and the reason I do what I do. 

Last year and years prior I am guilty of letting others control my time vs. me controlling my time. Time freedom is the biggest reason I pursue having my own business. When you allow people to tell you what they want to do with your time it can become extremely frustrating. This year I will be advising my clients of my available dates and letting them choose a day and time that fits my schedule. It makes the process easier for everyone. It eliminates a lot of back and forth communication.  My goal is to work smarter not harder. 

Going forward I will be doing more planner type blog post, sharing my system, process and trial and errors with you. If you have anything specific you want to see please let me know in the comments. Also, I would love to know what changes are you making in 2017 with your planner system?

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Peace Peace, Jean