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The Black Stay at Home Mom - Thoughts

Today I want to discuss Black Stay at Home Moms (SAHM). Some of the myths and some of the reason my husband and I are considering having me stay at home with our kids. Some of the questions I will be answering are, why am I considering it? Have I always felt this way? What are my fears or hopes from staying at home with my children? What does life as a SAHM or WAHM look like in my vision?

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Happy Anniversary: A Wedding Story

Our Story began at the age of 19 for me and 20 for him. We feel in love quick and he made it really easy for me to love him. Although we dated, broke up, dated, got engaged and eventually parted ways for 7 years. With everything life took us through and all the things we experienced separately, it was all for this very moment right here.

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