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My Photography Journey From Hobby to Business

I have loved photography since I was a kid. Seeing all of the photo albums that my grandmother kept and the tons of pictures she had on her mantel. I was surrounded by it at an early age. In High School I was the girl that always had a disposable camera in hand. I loved taking pictures of and with my friends. I always wanted my very own polaroid but I never got one. Lucky for me they are making a come back. Putting the Instax on my wish list.

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Wednesday Words of Gratitude: Second Chances

As I look at where my life is today I cannot say that the route to this place was completely by choice. Most of it was the result of a domino effect of other moments from my past. It left me with a lot of closed chapters and some fresh perspectives on life.When it comes to second chances I have received more than my fair share. 

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