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Pivot Into the Life You Want, Need & Deserve

There are many reasons why we can’t pivot or why we don’t even know its time for a change. Some of those answer are found through personal reflection, asking ourselves the hard questions or simply by getting intentional with who we want to become. Since we don't know the answers to these questions or because we get so comfortable with our routine, we find our self stuck! You may be at a moment in your life where a pivot is a necessity. It has to power to take us to the next level of growth in our life or even in relationships. Unless you take control of your life you will never live the life you desire or deserve to have. 

I will discuss a time when I refused to take action and the feeling I had once I did. I am going to share 3 reasons we find ourselves unable to change or even recognize a change is needed. Along with 5 actions you can take as you get clear about what needs to happen next. 

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