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Hard Lessons and Necessary Change, a Look Back at 2017

If I could describe 2017 in one sentence it would be this… Two thousand and seventeen was a year of discovering myself, intentionally and unintentionally. 

I had some first, some last and even some milestone moments. I cried a little and I laughed a lot. I doubted myself and believed in myself. I quit in my mind and started again. I took breaks from work and I fell in love with my husband all over again. 

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Finding Your Center Through The Cycles of Life

Time doesn't heal all wounds, patience isn't the act of doing nothing, busy isn't productive and life is not meant to be perfect. It's meant to be lived, over and over again. For me life is cyclical. It is the ebbs and flows of joy and sadness, inspiration and procrastination, fulfillment and searching for purpose. While you are on these different cycles of life use these tool to manage your way through them. Take note of what you learn and apply it and marvel at your growth as the next flow comes around. 

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