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The Process of Choosing and Using a Word for the Year!

If you aren't sure why people like myself choose a word of the year let me explain. Well, at least why "I" chose to pick a new word each year. For me, it has more to do with focus & mindfulness than anything else. I am a person that usually has a thousand ideas and then on a regular basis new ideas come to me. As someone that stays curious and thrives on exploring and discovering new things, it's really easy for me to lose focus on what my overall goal was and the reason WHY I even picked that goal, to begin with. Having a word or phrase that I can always come back to helps me to make better decisions on when I should start a new project versus tabling it for a future date. My desire this year is to ask myself if opportunities and projects are in alignment with my word(s) and decide yay or nay from there.

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