The Process of Choosing and Using a Word for the Year!

When I first planned to write this post I initially had an idea of how I wanted it to flow. I knew I wanted to talk about my word for 2018 as I have done in the years past. Then life happened and things began to take hold of my plans and toss them out the door. So, I took a step back regrouped found some new inspiration and then pressed on. 2017 was a year of discovery & acceptance. It was a year for me to reconnect with myself, my creator and my family (husband & kids). That meant taking a little break from my side hustle and just being... This desire to be intentional and to live in the moment is something I will talk about in a future post. Just know this that you don't realize how much you AREN'T living intentionally until you start to do it.

If you aren't sure why people like myself choose a word of the year let me explain. Well, at least why "I" chose to pick a new word each year. For me, it has more to do with focus & mindfulness than anything else. I am a person that usually has a thousand ideas and then on a regular basis new ideas come to me. As someone that stays curious and thrives on exploring and discovering new things, it's really easy for me to lose focus on what my overall goal was and the reason WHY I even picked that goal, to begin with. Having a word or phrase that I can always come back to helps me to make better decisions on when I should start a new project versus tabling it for a future date. My desire this year is to ask myself if opportunities and projects are in alignment with my word(s) and decide yay or nay from there.

With all of this in mind, I wrote down several, if several means 30... words and then I sat on them for a few days. I researched a few and their meaning and then I went back and crossed words off. Some just sounded good but I didn't feel anything when I said them. Some were not pushing me hard enough while others really SPOKE to me and even scared me a little bit to think I was setting this standard for myself and if I didn't adhere to it I would only be letting myself down. And THAT is non-negotiable in 2018. I even watched an insta-story on how to pick your word for the year. That is where I learned about anchor words and how using them can enhance your word as well. The story on Instagram is no longer available but this beautiful woman who talked about it sells hand-lettering art and you can get your word crafted by Lucrecer in her Etsy shop.

So what is it exactly? What "Word" and "Anchor Words" have I chosen to guide me in 2018.

The word for 2018 is INCREASE to become progressively greater in size, amount, degree, or intensity.


The anchor words are SIMPLIFY - to streamline, to make more intelligible, to clarify. And THRIVE - to flourish, to prosper, to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances

I want to begin to increase in all areas of my life. Financial increase brings freedom that my husband and I both want. Increase in the time I spend with my family that is intentional and undistracted. Increase in the commitment level that I have for my business and goals. Increase in the amount of effort and work I put in on a daily basis. Increase in the love and grace and I give myself. I can literally go on and on! So if an opportunity isn't going to help me in all of the areas of my life to progressively become greater then I don't want it.


However, I do know myself and I know that INCREASE for me can also lead to, overwhelm, and frustration if I am not careful and mindful of how I am using it. This is where my anchor words come in. It would seem like Increase and Simplify are in contradiction of each other but in actuality, they are the perfect pair. The ways I plan to simplify my life but also make room for the increase is by doing some very strategic things. One very important thing I want to do is cut expenses to increase profit and save more. I also want to streamline and simplify my workflows and make my life easier as well as make it easier for others to hire and work with me. I want to get clear on my desires and my purpose so that means clearing out a lot of the noise from others and focus on my work and my voice.

I spent 8 years with a company and 5 of those 8 as a consultant who's core responsibilities were to streamline processes allowing for quality work with more efficient processes. I thrived in that job. It allowed me to be creative. To talk to those on both sides of the business and see what each person needed and how we could make our teams come together and work as a collective unit with one goal, to serve our customers with stellar service. THAT, is still who I am, THAT is still my souls' purpose and THAT is what I will be doing in my business. Serve others by helping women realize the life they always wanted or never knew they could have. Taking those ideas and what one may consider as a random thought and turn it into reality. Helping you find your community and growing together. This is why the word "simplify" stood out to me so strongly and I knew it was a perfect MATE for INCREASE.

At the end of it all I want to begin to see myself thriving, flourishing and progressing past years of being stuck, scared, ashamed, anxious and doubting that my purpose and vision even mattered. Its the feeling at the end of the year that I want to feel and be able to say without a doubt that YES I am pleased with my progress and I have done the things I set out to. Its sort of a springboard or launching pad for my next level. It never stops... just because a new word is introduced it doesn't mean the old ones die. They all become part of my core values and mission as I continue to, BECOME JEAN!

What's your word for 2018 or do you have a phrase or mantra that you use? Please share. I love to see how others use this idea of setting a word to reach their goals.