If Food Was My Spouse We Would Be in Couples Counseling

From the time I was old enough to operate a stove by myself, I was in the kitchen cooking. My mom would call me after school from work and ask me if the meat she took out for dinner had thawed out. I would tell her yes, which would almost always be followed up by"Great, go ahead and get dinner started." That is how I learned how to cook.

Voices Carry - Seven Things I Learned on This Parenting Journey

I almost scrapped this post. I wrote it up and started editing it. Then I had to step away because mommy duties called. As I found myself frustrated and wanting to yell. "SIT DOWN and WAIT." I thought about my post I just wrote. This beautiful idea and goal I have to be better about choosing my words. Now, look at me, wanting to yell and fuss and do the opposite of some of the things I wrote about. So, what did I do? I sat on it for a full week and then I realized that this is the point.

The Black Stay at Home Mom - Thoughts

Today I want to discuss Black Stay at Home Moms (SAHM). Some of the myths and some of the reason my husband and I are considering having me stay at home with our kids. Some of the questions I will be answering are, why am I considering it? Have I always felt this way? What are my fears or hopes from staying at home with my children? What does life as a SAHM or WAHM look like in my vision?

Blog Series: Motherhood - Still Figuring it out

I would love to say I have it all together. I would love to tell my mom friends after baby number 1 the rest are a piece of cake. A lot of new moms are looking for answers from moms with grown children. How did you do it? What's the secret? Am I doing it right? Am I a good mom? Well, here you go ladies the big secret. The answer to all your questions. Are you ready?