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ABOUT jean b. the consultant

From photographers to makeup artists, bloggers to mindfulness coaches, I serve creative entrepreneurs as an experienced and intuitive consultant. I have developed my skills in ideation, implementation & motivation from years in the corporate world as a Project Manager & Business Consultant.

As I began to discover and hone my own craft as a photographer and social media manager, it was a natural progression to help other creatives get clear on where they wanted to take their business. Through genuine relationship building, I have been able to establish myself as a trusted resource and source of inspiration to my peers. A true Philly girl now based in Greenville, SC, I enjoy being a mother, wife, photographer & accountability partner to some amazing entrepreneurs.


so glad you are here!

If you are reading this then you are most likely a freelancer and/or a creative looking to revamp your current social media and online content.
It could mean that you have some inkling of an idea of what you want to do with your passions but lack direction on how to make your presence known online. You may be somewhere in between both of these descriptions
Are you are actually someone that has a million ideas? You might be in need of someone with an unbiased outside opinion. Someone that can help you narrow those ideas to 2 or 3 main ones. I never trash ideas but I help you catalog the rest in a way that you can use them to continue to grow your business in the future.
How can I help you? Lets setup a free 20 min discovery session. Click HERE to contact me. 
jean b consulting  and photography

“I am confident that I have a service that can help you get clear on your direction and JUMP into the life you have been dreaming of. With your vision, my ideation & project management skills the two of us are sure to hit the ground running.

You may not have a desire to leave your 9-5 and

I am NOT telling you to leave it either.

What I am saying is, let your 9-5 fund your passions

while you create the life you want.”

Content Services







Content Kickstarter

  • No Monthly Minimum

  • 1 Social Media Platform

  • Platform Cleanup

  • Website Audit & Report

  • Create 30 Day Content Plan

  • Implement Content Schedule

  • One 30 minute Follow-up / Q&A

  • Create personal #hashtag list

  • Daily email contact anytime you have a question.

Content Game Changer

  • 3 Month Minimum

  • Up to 2 Social Media Platforms

  • Platform(s) Cleanup

  • Website Audit & Report

  • Create 3 Month Content Plan each Platform

  • Implement a Content Schedule

  • Bi-Weekly 30 min Check-In via Hangout / Skype

  • Create personal #hashtag list

  • End of Month Report & Evaluation

  • Daily email contact anytime you have a question

**If you are still unsure what to pick, setup a free 20 Minute discovery call**


Website Services





  HEADSHOTS **add-on only $100

HEADSHOTS **add-on only $100

  BRANDING **add-on only $225

BRANDING **add-on only $225


Website Kickstarter  

When you think of technology and building a website, do you cringe at the thought? Let me help you...

  • Pick a web platform and stop Procrastinating

  • Setup your domain, landing page & first 4 pages

  • Learn how to maintain your site going forward

  • Face to Face Meeting 1 hour

  • Bi-Weekly Check-in for a month

You take it from there and launch when you are finished.

Full Website Setup  
If you have been struggling to finish or start your website and saying things to yourself like, "I don't know where to start!" or "There are too many options!" Let me work with you to plan out and execute your new website.
  • Using template based platforms like Squarespace, WIX & others.
  • Everything from the Website Kickstarter Package (except I do the entire site)
  • Max 12 Content Pages

** Headshot & Branding Add-on** 

**This is special pricing when added with a Web Service. **